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Departments and Offices
Subordinate Organization
Consultative Committ   
Academic Committee   
Cartoon and Animation Design Dept.   
Intelligent System Dept.   
Bio-Environment Control Dept.   
S System research and Development Dept.   
Cooperation and Exchange Dept.   
Development Strategy Dept.   
Enterprise Informatization Dept.   
Pecision Agicultue Dept.   
Cente fo Ago-poducts Test and Famland Inspection   
Wate Consevancy Automation Dept.   
Agriculture Water Saving Dept.   
Softwae Engineeing Dept.   
GIS Application Dept.   
The Scientific Obsevation and Expeiment Field Station fo Pec   
The Key and Open Laboatoy of Infomation Technology in Agicul   
The Beijing Key and Open Laboatoy of Infomation Technology i   
The Beijing eseach Cente fo Intelligent Infomation Technolog   
The Innovation Cente fo Infomation Technology in Agicultue,   
China Post-doctoal &D wokstation   
Beijing eseach Cente fo Agifood Testing and Famland Monitoin